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We need to feed our soul with the secret remedies of the past

A historical point of reference. A challenge for archeologists worldwide. A hidden myth. The
melting pot of great musicians. A culture with grand stories from its past.
Santorini is all that.

Visiting first Argyros Mansion which is truly a stepping stone through time. A wonderful
traditional mansion in the village of Messaria, in the centre of Santorini Island. Argyros Mansion
is renowned for its elegant neoclassical architecture. This mansion was built in the year 1860 and
visitors can get a view of life in Santorini through the past two centuries. The mansion is
characterized for its high quality ethnic architecture, the arched ceilings and exquisite floors.
There is a sense of romance in the air inside. The museum is located on the first floor and has a
good collection of artifacts and antiquities that offers fascinating insight on the fabled Greek
tradition, culture and heritage. You will come across unusual paintings, antique furniture and
many items dating back to the 19th century.

Our road trip proceeds with the Tomatoes Factory, situated in Vlyhada.The historical tomato
factory of D.Nomikos in Vlychada has been transformed into a modern Industrial Tomato
Museum, offering its visitors a journey back to the industrial past of Santorini, by guiding them
through the cultivation, processing and production of tomato. Given that tomato is one of the
most famous and traditional products of Santorini, makes this experience a unique one. In the
museum the visitor experiences all the traditional methods followed by the tomato producers of
Santorini and at the same time, becomes acquainted with the museum exhibits.
These include a full range of the processing machinery dating back to 1890, hand-written account
books of the plant, a variety of hand-written notebooks regarding various aspects of the factory,
old tools, the first labels used, a dated history of the island of Santorini, its inhabitants and their
unique tradition as well as audiovisual material with narrations of people who worked in the
plant, witnessing their firsthand experiences of a by-gone industrial era.

Our next stop is the archeological ruins of Akrotiri. A city without a name, a secret unearthed. We
take a tour through this ancient city of wonders & we can only hear the facts known to us today and
bask in the wonders of how our ancestors once lived.

Later on we move to La Ponta. A folklore museum, all about the history and musical culture of
Greece. It boasts an exhibition of the “
Tsabouna” (Greek Bagpipe) and other musical Greek instruments, all handmade, along with
percussions & flutes. Also hosting workshop where those interested can partake in the building
of a traditional musical instrument.

We shall enjoy a musical evening concert I their magical surroundings, where you shall take part
in an musical journey with hand-crafted wind & string instruments, taking you through

Tour guide in Ancient Ruins
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Musical concert
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> Available: Every Tuesday and Friday 14:30-23:00
> Cost per person: 190 euros


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