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Why limit HAPPY to an hour?

Santorini may be famous for its wines but the past few years it has become famous for its local beer, ouzo & spirit
productions, which include also Tsipouro & liquors.
An unparallel part of our culture, drinking is also a part of what we are…now we may not always have enough to live
an extravagant lifestyle but we always have some change left over for a glass of ouzo by the beach with our friends.
Our first stop is the Yellow Donkey Brewery where you will meet the naive optimists & enthusiasts that started this
brewery in hard times, yet manages to turn their rich collections of characters & their passion into an international
beacon for good beer. Taste their 4 most famous beers, learn how the brewery started & the tricks they use for the
beers unique taste.

Our next stop is Canava Santorini where our local Ouzo & Tsipouro are made. It was established in 1974 by Evagellos
Lygnos and today his son, Loukas, still produces the fine spirits with the same principles & local materials, just like his
father taught him. The same recipes, inherited through generations, to this very day. We shall take a tour through
their breath-taking museum, “Santorini. The Days Gone By…” where you shall enter the everyday life of an era

Walk through the alleyways of the village from years ago, travel your soul through time, sit in Giagia’s kitchen &
parlor, stroll through the main square, even shop from a local market from 100 years ago….we guarantee you will be
blown away by the hard work & unbelievable effort that has been put into it. After the tour sit in the main square’s
local cafene where you will be able to do tastings of local Ouzo, Tsipouro and Ouzo liqueurs with wild fruits & coffee.
Last but not least, we proceed our road trip to Vasaltis Winery which is the latest addition to Santorini’s wine roads.
Giannis, the owner, inherited the winery from his father & had a dream to revive & create a state of the art-boutique
winery, which we must add, he did with immense success. The wines that you shall taste along with the extremely
natural & beautiful environment around you create a relaxing & blissful experience.

Beer tasting
Ouzo and Tsipouro tasting
Liquers Tasting
Wine Tasting
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> Available: Daily 10:00 – 15:00 and 16:00 – 21:00
> Cost per person: 90 euros


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